SS&A Club – Case Study.

October 27, 2010  //  IBM BLOG POST

Changes in Government regulations and dwindling membership forces clubs in NSW to rethink their appeal.

The SS&A Club asked Image & Brand Management to refresh their brand so that they could appeal to a wider audience than just their “regulars”. After some early research and investigations it became clear that the board of directors had to start talking to people who they didn’t know.

We talked to their current members and found out that the club was marketing to an older audience. They could in fact be addressing a far younger audience, however after asking some questions in the community, we found that a lot of these people felt as though they were being excluded from the club.

Image & Brand Management was able to create a totally new look to the brand with a different identity and marketing. There was a great response from the community resulting in an immediate increase in patronage.


Brand Discovery & Audience Profiles
Unique Positioning – key marketing messages
Brand Essence – core of the brand
Brand Values – what the brand stands for
Brand Idea – message that runs throughout all marketing
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