Ark, North Sydney – Case Study.

February 3, 2009  //  IBM BLOG POST

Ark North Sydney

Image+Brand Management were appointed as brand consultants for Investa’s exciting new landmark commercial building project within the centre of North Sydney’s business precinct.

From strategic planning – identifying key benefi ts that provided ongoing direction for the entire project – through name generation and comprehensive brand identity design, Image+Brand Management were responsible for producing a launch campaign and subsequent rollout of collateral to reinforce one of the key messages behind Ark – environmentally sustainable design.


We commissioned and directed all still and moving photography for the entire campaign, as well as managing image manipulation to ensure a consistent visual theme, whilst maintaining contrast and strength in print on all mediums of environmental and uncoated stocks.

Direct Mail #1

To launch the building at the cutting edge of environmentally sustainable design in the minds of the target audience, the blue sky graphic was created and used to wrap Al Gore’s blockbuster book ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. To reflect the importance and social relevance of the environmental message, ‘big’ questions were posed in the style of digital news ‘ticker’ displays and in this case, applied to the ribbon used to wrap the book.

Direct Mail #2

To maintain momentum and build further brand equity, we incorporated the sky graphic into a second mailout – an umbrella with the sky graphic printed onto the underside of the canopy. Importantly, this was also an opportunity to launch the Ark name and logo for the first time. The story is evolving…


The brochure was designed and produced to reinforce the concept of environmental sustainability – a modular design allowing update pages to be added without the need for reprinting, and used a 100% recycled paper stock – whilst maintaining a high quality premium feel to reflect Ark’s status as a premium-grade workplace. Photography and text were set at angles on the pages to reference Ark’s striking south-facing façade and east-facing terraces.

Presentation Trailer / DVD

To facilitate face-to-face meetings with key potential tenants, Image & Brand Management produced a short, dynamic Quicktime movie highlighting key project benefits, leading into an interface based on the website, allowing the presenter to take the prospective tenant through the project in a totally versatile and interactive way.



The website brought the themes of the brochure to the online environment, but was enhanced by allowing the Investa team to upload specific technical information through a password-restricted content management system.


Brand Discovery
Audience Profiles – research & present targeted audience
Unique Positioning – key marketing messages
Brand Essence – core of the brand

Brand Values –  what the brand stands for

Brand Idea – message that runs throughout all marketing
Identity – name, logo, descriptor, tagline, colours, fonts
Overarching Creative Approach – look and feel, style, personality
Marketing Strategy – campaign approach, sales based

Brand Touch Points
Print Collateral – brochure, DM
Electronic & Web – website, banner advertising, email newsletters, SEO
Diverse Marketing Channels – environmental graphics, outdoor